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Finally writing out the Anime story

I've finally put  Destiny Switch onto paper (well sorta) and need to transfer it. This probably wont stay up long. My email is just giving me shit.

Destiny Switch  Characters and BGs


Emperor Bolero Sonata

(Emperor of the World) Dragon

Emperor Bolero is a vicious Dragon who took over the Nine continents though military force, in doing so killing a large number of his own kind, including
The Council”, a political party that oversaw the balance of the world. Most view the Emperor as a Tyrant due to being a Black Dragon, however, no nation is powerful enough to stand against him. He has been in power for around 19 years and is intending on celebrating the second decade with the massive “Festival of the Nine (Continents)” He has a son with every type of dragon so as to help repopulate the Dragon race, but many believe that the time of the Dragons are at an end. Dragons however, change their color based on their soul and a gold dragon has been missing from the world since that last was killed.


Chello (Prince Chord Sonata)

(Son of the Emperor of the World) Half Dragon

Chello is one of many sons of the World Emperor, however, he is the not only the youngest one, but also the only one not fully of dragon blood. He looses control on an occasion that has caused amazingly disastrous results, and the Emperor made the decision to let the other sons kill him, though it tears him up inside to do so. Deep down Chello has a pure soul and is the next Gold Dragon, though even he doesn’t know that. He lived with his mother until she died in a traumatic explosion (caused by his brothers and sisters in an attempt to kill the non-dragon brother early on). Chello’s mother was a Spirit Soother like Destiny, and taught Chello some of her skills, though Chello’s dragon magic is all instinct based and doesn’t work quite like it’s supposed to. While he is Prince Chord Sonata in the Palace, outside of which he adopts the Fuzzy clothed party boy guise of Chello. All but his brothers and sisters (of whom he doesn’t know killed his mother) are unaware of this guise, the siblings only knowing so they can cover for them. Secretly the siblings are out to destroy their brother, angry that he should even have been allowed in the palace to begin with. Chello, whom wrongly blames his father for his mother’s death (only remember that Dragons did it), often tells street people that both of his parents were killed during Emperor Bolero’s rise to power. He is attempting to escape the palace to follow his favorite band “Destiny Switch” and become a roadie, feeling that the band always being on the move might be good for them. Unknown to him the bands has trouble of it’s own coming for them, and he’s about to be thrown into that as well.


Black Friday

(Pianist or Grand Organ Player for Destiny Switch) Pirate

The Black Pirate Friday, or just Black Friday to his numerous adoring fans, he one of many Pirates from the Land of Barbay, a Southern Continent known for people lacking discipline but an amazing skill Brewing, Metallurgy, and Jewelsmithing. Because of all the shininess that comes from these Barbayrians a great many Pirate began to surface. Instead of becoming outcasts, Pirates instead ended up becoming the Naval fleet and militarist standard for the Barbay offering defense for payment. A massive trading nation, of which most of their civilians are quite worthy of battle, the creation of a Pianist such as Black Friday is very rare. With mannerisms close to Black Beard or Davie Jones, and the ability to rock out in a hardcore manner with a Grand Organ, The Black Pirate Friday soon became popular. This was all until his ship was captured during the capital invasion of the Imperial Palace during the age of 19. He’s now 36, though  he looks young for his age, and works with Destiny Switch in hopes of reclaiming The Weekly Wonder, his ship that he believe to be moored/impounded in the Imperial Shipard do to some information that was leaked his way.



(Violinist for Destiny Switch) Ninja

It is unsure where ninja’s usually hail from, though many speculate it is near the Land of Blossoms (another continent similar to feudal Japan). In reality there are only Eight lands available, though the Ninth has always been in hiding. Spiral has the joking relationship with among others in Ninja Clans as being the worst Ninja to ever exist, every has seen him and can hear him, though many are all to aware exactly how skilled he is. He owes a life debt to Destiny by being the only target he was unable to kill. Spiral has a constant feud with Black Friday, and though there is no proof, he has been trying to kill him since they met. With the exception of the contracts taken by Destiny, a ninja in a life debt is unable to do freelance work, and in this particular case, Spiral, has resulted to a more unconventional use for his special ninja powers. Like stealing heat from food that’s too hot, or killing the flow of water so he can cross a stream. No one is exactly sure how it’s possible, however, it has been proven Spiral can hide in, and assassinate anyone or anything.  



(Drum Player for Destiny Switch) Viking




(Singer for Destiny Switch)  Spirit Soothers


Vladimir Bones

(Electric Guitar Player for Destiny Switch) Vampire/Necromancer




(Lookout and Tech Geek) Ghoul


Destiny Switch – A popular music band that travels across the lands. They are also the leaders of the Resistance against the Dragon Emperor, believing him to be an oppressive monster. They are skilled assassins who’s main goal is to kill Emperor Bolero Sonata and his sons by getting a gig at the Royal Palace. No one but the most renowned of people are able to enter.



Land of Barbay (Barbayrians) Known for Pirates, Metallurgy, Jewelsmithing, Brewing

Land of Blossoms (Blossomians) A feudal Japan with technology and a knack for all things artistic.

Asgard (Asgardian) A Viking utopia. More rural and spiritual than many other lands, they are known for Strength and Valor as well as Ship building.

The High Court (Courtesans) A land of beauty and sensuality, known for magic and Spirit Soothers

Necropolis (Necronian) Vampires, Servitor (ghouls), and Lich are the lords of this land. Known for dark magics, and being rules be undead ever since the Bone Dragon Zalfang was murdered by the Emperor. Very few Vampires and Lichs (whom are the rulers of the land now) exist, and are very selective with who they choose to pass on their dark gifts. More commonly they take ghouls to serve them until a time they are proven worthy.

The Imperial Walkway is a continent created for Dragons, by dragons, though ever since their massive genocide at the hands of the Dragon Emperor Bolero, other people from many lands have become more increasingly common. This houses in the center the Imperial Palace that the Royal Family lives in and takes their guests.

The Land of Shadow There is no actual known name for this land, nor do people really know it exists. This is the land that Ninjas come from. It is also the land everyone goes to after they die until they either get reborn or pass on to the unknown. This land overlaps the other lands, allowing Ninjas passage into everywhere secrets. It is also how they are able to hide anywhere (by shifting into this land) and as well can kill anyone and anything by passing it into the shadow lands from whatever relm they are. Nothing can be born within this land, which means all of the ninjas are created by people from one of the other lands dieing and being chosen to be reborn as a Ninja. It is very common for them to choose from the Land of Blossoms, though the Ninja could even be Dragons.

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