russmaw (russmaw) wrote,

Moved and peaceful

I finished moving on Saturday, and played the Lazy game. I turned off my phone, unpacked, layed out and chillaxed out.

I slept amazingly, played a few video games, and woke up this morning feeling better than I have in awhile. It's a blissful glacier frosty feeling from my to body to soul. One of those, "I can do anything, if I want lightning to spark I snap my fingers," feelings.

As the world turns and people pass beyond my view, I find myself once more looking for a Valkarie. Oddly enough, I need to write a movie script about it. I was speaking to my friend Jon Zietz (Owner of Enigma Studios) and he's working on a lot of project. Yet another thing to fill my time with. Somehow, I can't seem to wipe the smile I woke up with off my face.

I also bought a shirt from T-shirt hell. I felt it suited how I felt at fair. I'll be wearing it, taking a picture and updating. 8)
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